Everything we do in our lives is about the relationships we have with our family, children, and friends. Those moments that mean the most to us are expressed in the smiles, laughter, giggles, and touches of our everyday life. Creating those moments is truly a way of life for us. We open our hearts to capture your moment, your lifestyle, your story in time. Everything we do in our lives is about our relationships...keeping those perfect moments forever.

Tell us your story. We want to hear about you and what inspires you and your loved ones.

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Rebecca and Barry


Welcome to our Studio located on our ten acre ranch in the peaceful foothills outside of Auburn, California.

The opportunities are endless when creating your portrait collection. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself the gardens, open fields, rustic trucks, antique wagons and so much more that's just outside.

Our latest expansion is a full studio apartment including a kitchen with endless refreshments, a walk in closet for hanging your outfits, large mirrors for getting ready, and a great space for just relaxing and getting comfortable.

Call us for directions and we will schedule a personal consultation and show you around.

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Our Wedding Collections are designed to offer a complete wedding experience which includes our personal style of service and care.

Please contact our Studio early with your wedding date and location for availability, and we will send you our custom brochure and information packet to help with your planning.


Highschool Seniors and Family Portraits sessions start at $85. We are happy to send you our detailed brochure and information packet for you planning your next session.